face mask

Be playful and shun your inhibitions or fears

from bushfires to woolies bashings

face mask Men whose lives were lived dangerously, moving in and out of drug deals with a confidence born of long experience. Cantellops agreed to transport the narcotics for the group. At the airport bus stop, in New York while Barcellona was talking to Cantellops, an unidentified man handed Cantellops the package. face mask

medical face mask The handles of the bag’s webbed carrying strap should be reinforced with a second layer of webbing before the strap is sewed to the bag. Cut a 74″ long section from your 108″ (three yard) length of webbing and then cut the remaining 34″ of webbing into two 17″ long pieces. Measure back 11″ from each end of the 74″ long carrying strap and, starting from that point on both ends, attach the two 17″ lengths of reinforcement to the strap by laying the strap on each section of reinforcement and then sewing down both sides of the “sandwich.”. medical face mask

doctor mask It’s easy for such an interaction to turn into a nasty bit of name calling, with “meat is murder” being shouted on one side and “we have canine teeth for a reason” on the other. But if we’re honest about the values that guide us, and humble about the limits to the evidence we use to back up our eating decisions, a different kind of conversation is possible. It might not be perfect for a dinner table debate, but perhaps over coffee and dessert, the vegn can share more about the political attachments that are at the foundation of their lif[……]

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